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Take control of light and sound


The more glass you apply to a project, the brighter and more open your workspace becomes. Glass eliminates isolation, fosters collaboration, and promotes employee well-being. It's the obvious architectural route to teamwork and corporate cohesion. Glass is also good for the planet and for profitability: by reducing the need for artificial lighting, it saves energy.


For the most impressive effects, lay glass from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling. And then treat it like any other flat surface and overlay it with text or imagery. Glazing graphics bring life and character to a workplace, and express corporate values in the most visible of ways.

A specialist team to create the perfect fit. 

  • Glazed partitioning panels are always bespoke. Each sheet must be measured and cut for a perfect fit. So we have our own National Glazing Team to make sure your glazing does exactly what you want it to do. 
  • We help architects, specifiers, and installers with a wide range of bespoke, specialist, and innovative glazing products: 
  •  Fire screens: fire-resistant screens and doors offering up to 60/60 integrity and insulation performance in PPC finish steel or aluminium-framed systems 
  • Back-painted glass: an innovative cladding material for reception areas, lift shafts, splash backs, and other applications. Available in any RAL or BS colour 
  • Automatic doors/screens: up-to-the-minute technology for internal and external applications

In the modern office you can switch between privacy and visibility according to your needs. And a fully glazed office doesn’t have to be completely transparent. With glazing graphics you can improve privacy yet still let the light flood in.


For more information on our blinds and graphics click here.

We have three ranges of fully demountable partitioning. Single and double glazing, full-height, frameless options and two cost-effective options for simpler projects.


For more information on our partitioning click here.