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When time is tight, Sektor ClicWall keeps your project on track. You can install a fully finished internal wall up to five times faster than you'd get with traditional wall-cladding systems. There's a huge choice of ready-made finishes too, including digital printing for a truly bespoke look.

Sektor ClicWall goes together much like clickable engineered flooring systems. All joins are hidden and the outer, wipe-clean surface is ready for immediate use.

Sektor Washrooms are a huge time-saver. They cut the number of tradesmen you need and reduce installation times.

The product range includes cubicles, vanity units, and integrated plumbing systems, all of which come in a wide range of styles for everyone from pre-schoolers to directors. In fact there's a Sektor Washroom for every setting including offices, leisure centres, educational establishments, and healthcare environments.

A Sektor Teapoint provides all the kitchen essentials: sink and hot water, kettle points, a worktop, space for a fridge, and storage for crockery and food.