Interiors for the way you work

People perform at their best in surroundings that are calming and inspirational – in a working environment that’s light, quiet, and comfortable. A healthy workspace encourages happiness and well-being, which in turn leads to more efficient and productive work.
That’s the idea behind Sektor, a complete range of interior solutions for imaginative designers and specifiers, skilled installers and high-achieving end-users.
The range includes:

+ Partitioning
+ Blinds & Graphics
+ Doors & Ironmongery
+ Ceilings & Lighting
+ Walls & Frames
+ Washrooms

Sektor works with you. You adapt it to fit your vision and style. The components go together quickly and easily, and the finished installation invariably delights its occupants.

Discover your perfect space

Sektor is a continually evolving range of interior products for functional and flexible working environments. We develop and adapt the range to meet the demands of specifiers, contractors, and end-users. With each new product release, we refine or upgrade components to make the product more robust, easier to fit, and easier to relocate.
Development keeps Sektor at the forefront of modern design, installation technology, and contemporary working life. It works the way you want it to work.