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Our suspended ceilings grid system, TruGrid, is available as either a hook or click system. Made from galvanised steel the grid system is secure, robust and fully fire tested. Compatible with all mineral fibre tiles the TruGrid system is suitable for all suspended ceiling projects.

The Sektor TruGrid click design provides a close-locking tolerance for tight module control and a self contained design style. The cross tee offers an advanced design for suspended ceilings to accompany TruGrid click, making it effortless to install. It uses a pre-punched suspension point and a stab connection that simply snags into place with an audible click to confirm a true connection has been made. With this cleverly thought out design installation times could not be quicker.

Pair our high quality TruGrid product range with any of our Sektor ceiling tiles to create a space that’s bright, clean and suitable for every environment. To browse the full range of TruGrid products and request a quote click here.


NEW Sektor Ceiling BIM Object


What is Building Information Modelling?

BIM is a smart 3D model which gives engineers, architects and contractors the insight and tools needed to be more efficient through the stages of; planning, designing, constructing and managing building and infrastructure. In other words, it’s a virtual information pack about a building project.



BIM is an excellent way of reducing risk at your site. It allows design and construction teams to prove their concepts before work even starts. Any issues that arise can then be solved before construction starts, reducing potential cost increases and delays.


How it works:

BIM models the entire building through time as well as space. It can show how materials from different suppliers can come together, step-by-step. As each element of BIM, known as a BIM object, comes with supporting technical data – architects can go above and beyond the traditional 3D abilities. The model doesn’t only check that the components fit together, but goes as far to prove they can all perform as a single unit to adhere to the required building regulations.


The future:

A BIM model can potentially last as long as the building itself. If changes or improvements are made to the building this can be added to the model, ensuring it is kept up to date. Better still, these changes can be tested with the model, before implementation, ensuring it is the correct decision to update.

We believe that BIM is the future of the construction industry as it provides a long-term thread of digital continuity which allows everyone, from architect to maintenance manager, to know their building inside-out.


Sektor Ceiling BIM Objects

For more information and to download our Sektor BIM objects, visit our dedicated Sektor BIM Objects page.

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The Sektor Extended Ceiling Range

Our Sektor Ceiling range is always growing; that’s why we can provide tiles for a variety of applications including; commercial offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, retail and many more.

In this blog, we’ve started to look into the qualities of each of our Sektor Ceiling tiles to help you decide which product is right for your next project.


The Core Range:


Quality all-round, high performance rated tiles.

Sektor Sahara is ideal for those locations that require good sound performance, including office environments, schools & shops. Sahara is a modern tile which is available in a finely granulated needled or plain finish, dependant on your requirements. Due to the variety of options, plain or perforated, the range has been designed to meet the needs of a good technical performance of both sound and fire.



Economical, non-directional fissured white tile for everyday applications.

Sektor Spintone Fine Fissured has been designed to meet basic specification needs. As these tiles are non-directional, it means that installation is quick and easy as there is no need to check their rotation. As well as this, these tiles are designed to offer a contemporary look at an affordable price when no specific performance properties are required.


The Acoustic Range:


A premium, fleece-covered, pure white tile which provides all-round superb performance.

Sektor Puretone is our premium performance tile which are fleece-covered, giving a smooth finish. These tiles are the perfect solution for you in settings such as; open or closed office spaces, boardrooms, lecture halls & auditoriums.



Crisp white, fleece covered tiles providing excellent acoustic benefits.

Sektor Pearltone is ideal for those settings which require the highest acoustic performance. Sektor Pearltone tiles are available up to a Class A sound absorption rating with an equally appealing appearance, perfect for use in both commercial and public sector spaces.


The Metal Range:


Clean, wipeable, metal tiles, ideal for use in hygiene sensitive environments.

Sektor Forte is the first range of Sektor metal tiles. These tiles have a galvanised steel sheet on both sides and are available with lay in or clip in fittings, dependant on your requirements.

Sektor Forte Perforated tiles have an additional acoustic fleece available to optimise those acoustic performances if needed. As a whole, the Sektor Forte ceiling system is ideal for all installation situations whether that be new buildings or renovations.


The Grid Range:

TruGrid & Accessories


Performance tested ceiling systems backed by a 15 year warranty.

Within the Sektor ceiling portfolio, we have a number of ranges to ensure we can fit to your requirements as often as possible. TruGrid is available as a hook or click-grid system which is secure, robust and fully fire rated, making them suitable for all suspended ceiling projects. As well as TruGrid, we also provide complementary accessories such as; perimeter trim, acoustic hangers and anchors so you can purchase all products for your project from one manufacturer, ensuring you have the perfectly functioning system.


The full Sektor ceilings range is backed by a 15 year warranty so you can be sure that you’re using top quality products from a manufacturer that you can rely on.

To compliment our ceiling systems that are available, we have recently launched our own lighting range, Sektor Lumos, to find out more click here.