Benefits of Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Acoustic ceiling tiles don’t only provide a benefit to large auditoriums and music studios; they are also a great solution for a residential or commercial space. Adding acoustic ceiling tiles to a room is a much easier and quicker solution to reduce noise pollution  than the alternative of soundproofing, and they can also be aesthetically pleasing.

To explain how some ceiling tiles offer better acoustic performance than others, it’s important to understand the science! When sound waves hit a flat, solid surface, they bounce back. In a large area this can create an echo effect which is intensified by other solid surfaces within the room that the sound waves to bounce off e.g. a solid floor or hard furniture. Acoustic ceiling tiles have porous outer surfaces with an inner core to absorb the sound, made from a permeable material. The sound waves cause the inner core to vibrate, creating a small level of heat. As the sound waves are transferred to heat waves, the sound dissipates, making a quieter environment, which in an office environment can actually lead to employees being more productive as they can concentrate better. An acoustic tile therefore helps to trap the sound waves and prevent any echoing or noise pollution!

The Sektor Pearltone range is ideal where there is a requirement for acoustic ceiling tiles. Tiles are available up to Class A sound absorption and have an equally appealing look, with a smooth, fleece covered surface. Sektor Pearltone ceiling tiles are perfectly suited to either Commercial or public sector spaces due to their crisp white look and acoustic benefits.


Your Sektor Pearltone Options:

Pearltone – with up to Class C sound absorption, these tiles have a pure and elegant look with their smooth fleece surface.

Pearltone Alpha – with up to Class A sound absorption, the tile’s smooth fleece surface impresses the design conscious and its absorbency meets the needs of designers with the highest expectations in terms of spatial acoustics.

The perfect match to a Sektor Ceiling is Sektor Partitioning. Both product ranges are engineered for speedy and simple installation with support from a knowledgeable team. To add the finishing touches, why not also include Sektor Lumos, our new range of LED lighting.