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Our suspended ceilings grid system, TruGrid, is available as either a hook or click system. Made from galvanised steel the grid system is secure, robust and fully fire tested. Compatible with all mineral fibre tiles the TruGrid system is suitable for all suspended ceiling projects.

The Sektor TruGrid click design provides a close-locking tolerance for tight module control and a self contained design style. The cross tee offers an advanced design for suspended ceilings to accompany TruGrid click, making it effortless to install. It uses a pre-punched suspension point and a stab connection that simply snags into place with an audible click to confirm a true connection has been made. With this cleverly thought out design installation times could not be quicker.

Pair our high quality TruGrid product range with any of our Sektor ceiling tiles to create a space that’s bright, clean and suitable for every environment. To browse the full range of TruGrid products and request a quote click here.



Benefits of Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Acoustic ceiling tiles don’t only provide a benefit to large auditoriums and music studios; they are also a great solution for a residential or commercial space. Adding acoustic ceiling tiles to a room is a much easier and quicker solution to reduce noise pollution  than the alternative of soundproofing, and they can also be aesthetically pleasing.

To explain how some ceiling tiles offer better acoustic performance than others, it’s important to understand the science! When sound waves hit a flat, solid surface, they bounce back. In a large area this can create an echo effect which is intensified by other solid surfaces within the room that the sound waves to bounce off e.g. a solid floor or hard furniture. Acoustic ceiling tiles have porous outer surfaces with an inner core to absorb the sound, made from a permeable material. The sound waves cause the inner core to vibrate, creating a small level of heat. As the sound waves are transferred to heat waves, the sound dissipates, making a quieter environment, which in an office environment can actually lead to employees being more productive as they can concentrate better. An acoustic tile therefore helps to trap the sound waves and prevent any echoing or noise pollution!

The Sektor Pearltone range is ideal where there is a requirement for acoustic ceiling tiles. Tiles are available up to Class A sound absorption and have an equally appealing look, with a smooth, fleece covered surface. Sektor Pearltone ceiling tiles are perfectly suited to either Commercial or public sector spaces due to their crisp white look and acoustic benefits.


Your Sektor Pearltone Options:

Pearltone – with up to Class C sound absorption, these tiles have a pure and elegant look with their smooth fleece surface.

Pearltone Alpha – with up to Class A sound absorption, the tile’s smooth fleece surface impresses the design conscious and its absorbency meets the needs of designers with the highest expectations in terms of spatial acoustics.

The perfect match to a Sektor Ceiling is Sektor Partitioning. Both product ranges are engineered for speedy and simple installation with support from a knowledgeable team. To add the finishing touches, why not also include Sektor Lumos, our new range of LED lighting.


At Sektor Interiors we have a wide range of ceiling tiles, all with different performances and properties. Sektor Forte is our first ever metal tile range and it comes with a variety of benefits. Metal tiles are perfect for hygiene sensitive environments such as hospitals and schools, due to them being easily wiped down and cleaned.

The Sektor Forte range is made up of three key tiles:

Forte Clip in

Forte Clip in tiles are smooth and flat for a simple finish tile that is ideal for use in kitchens and health care environments as they are easily cleaned. Clip in tiles are quick to mount and dismount offering easy access to the ceiling void.

Forte Lay in  

Forte Lay in tiles offer a flush finish for a simple aesthetic. Lay in tiles are also easy to mount and dismount giving easy access to the ceiling void.

Forte Perforated

With an additional acoustic fleece, Forte Perforated tiles are available to optimise acoustic performance .

Sektor Forte ceiling tiles are the ideal solution for all installation situations – whether it be a new build or a renovation project, integrating seamlessly with Sektor Partitioning for hassle free installation.

Pair any of the Sektor Forte tiles with our brand new range of lighting, Sektor Lumos to create a space that’s bright and clean.

Browse the full range of Sektor Forte products here and request a quote from your local Stockist

NEW Sektor Ceiling BIM Object


What is Building Information Modelling?

BIM is a smart 3D model which gives engineers, architects and contractors the insight and tools needed to be more efficient through the stages of; planning, designing, constructing and managing building and infrastructure. In other words, it’s a virtual information pack about a building project.



BIM is an excellent way of reducing risk at your site. It allows design and construction teams to prove their concepts before work even starts. Any issues that arise can then be solved before construction starts, reducing potential cost increases and delays.


How it works:

BIM models the entire building through time as well as space. It can show how materials from different suppliers can come together, step-by-step. As each element of BIM, known as a BIM object, comes with supporting technical data – architects can go above and beyond the traditional 3D abilities. The model doesn’t only check that the components fit together, but goes as far to prove they can all perform as a single unit to adhere to the required building regulations.


The future:

A BIM model can potentially last as long as the building itself. If changes or improvements are made to the building this can be added to the model, ensuring it is kept up to date. Better still, these changes can be tested with the model, before implementation, ensuring it is the correct decision to update.

We believe that BIM is the future of the construction industry as it provides a long-term thread of digital continuity which allows everyone, from architect to maintenance manager, to know their building inside-out.


Sektor Ceiling BIM Objects

For more information and to download our Sektor BIM objects, visit our dedicated Sektor BIM Objects page.

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The Development of Suspended Ceilings

The history of suspended ceilings

Donald A. Brown is credited in a number of sources as the ‘inventor’ of the dropped ceiling in 1958. Since then, there is no doubt that they have been a huge success. Due to developments in technology it is now much more practical to be able to gain access to your ceiling, where previously there was no use for suspended ceilings.
When suspended ceilings started to become popular, they were built using interlocking tiles. The only way to access a specific tile or ceiling void for inspection or repair, was to start at the edge of the ceiling and remove tiles one by one to reach the desired point. This was time consuming and expensive which led to a new invention which allowed instant access to any tile. Brown filed for a patent for his innovation and it was introduced to the market as an accessible suspended ceiling, which is now a norm in the construction industry.

How suspended ceilings are used today

Modern day commercial ceilings must adhere to a number of standards such as; aesthetics, acoustics, fire protection, insulation and environmental factors, as well as construction and upkeep costs. A suspended ceiling can provide space for a number of useful features such as; heating, ventilation, plumbing and wiring, as well as providing a platform for speakers, LED lighting and cctv cameras.

Suspended Ceilings

Ceilings can also be integrated with partitioning systems so that the tiles, grids and partitions intersect neatly. Partitions can either stop at the underside of the suspended ceiling (providing maximum ease of installation and flexibility), or can run through the ceiling to the underside of the floor slab.

Benefits of suspended ceilings

Suspended ceilings are particularly popular in construction, especially offices and commercial structures, due to the range of benefits they offer, such as:

+ Ease of installation
+ Concealing pipes, wires, HVAC and other unsightly services
+ Easy to remove for repairs
+ More economical than renovation
+ Acoustic improvements
+ Design choices in a variety of materials and colours

To see the ceiling tiles we offer and add them to your quote basket, click here.

Women Within the Construction Industry

There are a number of initiatives in the construction industry to tackle gender diversity. Women make up only 11% of the entire workforce, and only 1% of workers on building sites. In comparison to the rest of Europe, the UK has the lowest proportion of female engineers, and account for only 14% of entrants to engineering and technology courses at University.

Woman within construction

This industry has been pretty static in terms of gender ratios for a fairly long time. Some areas have a more equal ratio, for example, the design industry, whereas the manual careers industry show a minimal proportion of women.

Moving forwards

In terms of the future, the way to even out this gender ratio would be to make the career option more appealing to the younger generation. There is also a lack of female role models within the industry which led to Alethea Watson mentoring a scheme called Volunteer It Yourself (VIY), this scheme helps young people learn different building skills whilst they work on community construction projects.

So far 38% of sign-ups for the VIY scheme have been female, according to its sponsors Wickes. This is much higher than national averages within the industry. As a result of the push to encourage more women to enter the construction industry, it is predicted that in 2020, women will make up 26% of the UK’s construction workforce.

As well as trying to reach out to the younger generation, the construction industry has experienced some other changes. Maternity rights for all employees have now been protected by law and many organisations now offer the option to work from home, making the industry more appealing to women. The difference in pay has also started to become closer between men and women, leading to everyone having the same opportunities for promotions too.

Although there have been a number of big steps towards introducing more women into the construction industry, there is still a long way to go, but there are lots of schemes to promoting this change which will lead to narrowing the gap.

The Benefits of Office Partitioning

The structure of traditional office space is starting to leap forward with changes in office designs and refurbishments happening all over the country. With a move towards a bespoke, functional, modern design the standardised office design with empty walls and generic meeting rooms is now a thing of the past.

In the last few years office partitioning has proven to be a success for many office designs and refurbishments due to not only being affordable but also a relatively easy and effective way for businesses to create an individual custom look and feel.

People perform at their best in a surrounding that is calming and inspirational – in a working environment that’s light, quiet and comfortable. A healthy workspace encourages happiness and well-being, which in turn leads to more efficient and productive work.

Partitioning ranges offer the end user complete flexibility, choice and affordability as well as providing confidence that the product is and will remain solid and durable.

Office Partitioning

Flexibility is provided throughout with decisions being made on the type of material which will be used, the layout of where the partitioning needs to be located in the office and finally the design, how will it look when it all comes together.

Choice is given when the end user can select different materials, colours and finishings. With the Sektor partitioning range users have the choice of pairing the glass with hardwood frames to create a dramatic look or with Sektor 30 to create an environment that not only offers complete privacy but also the opportunity for occasional meetings and informal work spaces.

As the partitioning tends to be fitted into the existing space available most of the building itself remains intact. There is a lack of structural alterations and the advantage of not having to use brick and block means that both money and time can be saved making it more affordable for all.

Sektor partitioning are by no means flimsy structures, with varieties of solid frames and versatile safe and strong materials that are able to withstand a typical daily office wear and tear.

The Sektor partitioning range is a complete interior solution for imaginative designers and specifiers, skilled installers and high-achieving end users who are after components that go together quickly and easily leaving a long standing attractive design.

It is clear to see the advantages of office partitioning but knowing what is best for your office space can be difficult. Contact us to discuss your needs, to find your local stockist click here. View our full Sektor partitioning range by clicking here.

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Product Focus Blog Sektor 30

Elegant frameless, single-glazed partitioning.

All Sektor products can be manufactured and made specifically for you with a bespoke design. There is no limit to possibility with your partitioning system being engineered purely for your needs.

Sektor 30 brings light and structure to a space and can be installed rapidly with glass that stretches from wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling, giving you no barriers to productivity.

Sektor 30


Features and Benefits

Sektor 30 is easily customised with glass graphics and door frames to create your inspired space. The joints are nearly invisible creating a seamless and elegant wall of glass. Our partitioning systems can also grow with your business by being dismantled and relocated when change is needed.

Sektor 30 has up to 30 minutes of fire protection and 39db sound reduction.

Performance and Tech

Acoustics Up to 39dB
Fire Protection Up to 30 minutes
Height Up to 3300mm
Weight Up to 37.5kg/m2
Deflection Head +/- 25mm
Blinds & Graphics Yes

*Please note that acoustic results from laboratory tests will differ from actual on-site performance, although they are a useful guide for initial specification purposes.

Let Sektor Lumos Bring Your Room To Life

We are proud to introduce our brand new range of lighting, Sektor Lumos. These LED panels are the perfect addition to any Sektor Ceiling or interiors project. If you replace your existing halogen or fluorescent tube lighting with LED panels, you could benefit from; a superior lighting experience, lower electricity bills and an energy usage reduction of up to 90%.

To ensure we have the perfect light solution to fit your interior requirements, there is a choice of a bright white light (6000k), or a warmer, softer tone (4000k). 

The lighting panels are supplied with a basic driver, however, this can be substituted with a dimmable driver for additional performance. The standard size of most commercial suspended ceiling tiles is 600x600mm. Sektor Lumos panels have therefore been made to the same size to offer a seamless fit as well as quick and easy installation. Sektor Lumos are just 10mm thick, the slimmest of its kind in Europe! As these lights are flicker free, they are excellent for those who are photosensitive, particularly migraine sufferers. An emergency backup unit is also available, as well as all Sektor Lumos products having a 5 year warranty.

Sektor Lumos

To request a quote on Sektor Lumos lighting click here.


The Sektor Extended Ceiling Range

Our Sektor Ceiling range is always growing; that’s why we can provide tiles for a variety of applications including; commercial offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, retail and many more.

In this blog, we’ve started to look into the qualities of each of our Sektor Ceiling tiles to help you decide which product is right for your next project.


The Core Range:


Quality all-round, high performance rated tiles.

Sektor Sahara is ideal for those locations that require good sound performance, including office environments, schools & shops. Sahara is a modern tile which is available in a finely granulated needled or plain finish, dependant on your requirements. Due to the variety of options, plain or perforated, the range has been designed to meet the needs of a good technical performance of both sound and fire.



Economical, non-directional fissured white tile for everyday applications.

Sektor Spintone Fine Fissured has been designed to meet basic specification needs. As these tiles are non-directional, it means that installation is quick and easy as there is no need to check their rotation. As well as this, these tiles are designed to offer a contemporary look at an affordable price when no specific performance properties are required.


The Acoustic Range:


A premium, fleece-covered, pure white tile which provides all-round superb performance.

Sektor Puretone is our premium performance tile which are fleece-covered, giving a smooth finish. These tiles are the perfect solution for you in settings such as; open or closed office spaces, boardrooms, lecture halls & auditoriums.



Crisp white, fleece covered tiles providing excellent acoustic benefits.

Sektor Pearltone is ideal for those settings which require the highest acoustic performance. Sektor Pearltone tiles are available up to a Class A sound absorption rating with an equally appealing appearance, perfect for use in both commercial and public sector spaces.


The Metal Range:


Clean, wipeable, metal tiles, ideal for use in hygiene sensitive environments.

Sektor Forte is the first range of Sektor metal tiles. These tiles have a galvanised steel sheet on both sides and are available with lay in or clip in fittings, dependant on your requirements.

Sektor Forte Perforated tiles have an additional acoustic fleece available to optimise those acoustic performances if needed. As a whole, the Sektor Forte ceiling system is ideal for all installation situations whether that be new buildings or renovations.


The Grid Range:

TruGrid & Accessories


Performance tested ceiling systems backed by a 15 year warranty.

Within the Sektor ceiling portfolio, we have a number of ranges to ensure we can fit to your requirements as often as possible. TruGrid is available as a hook or click-grid system which is secure, robust and fully fire rated, making them suitable for all suspended ceiling projects. As well as TruGrid, we also provide complementary accessories such as; perimeter trim, acoustic hangers and anchors so you can purchase all products for your project from one manufacturer, ensuring you have the perfectly functioning system.


The full Sektor ceilings range is backed by a 15 year warranty so you can be sure that you’re using top quality products from a manufacturer that you can rely on.

To compliment our ceiling systems that are available, we have recently launched our own lighting range, Sektor Lumos, to find out more click here.