– Storage Walls

The most efficient working spaces are clear of clutter, yet everything the team needs to perform at its best is ready to hand. Sektor Storage Wall is the robust workspace partitioning system that stores everything form personal belongings to building plans.
There’s no wasted space: wherever you create a room division, that’s where you place your coats, files, coffee makers, and AV equipment. The range of lockers, cabinets, hangers, and shelving units is huge as is the choice of finishes, locks, turn handles, knobs, and pull handles.

– Sektor Movable Walls

Wherever people come together for meetings, training, or private functions, there’s a need for flexibility – for spaces that grow or shrink to suit the purpose and the head count. With Sektor Movable Walls you can make any space multifunctional. You can create an interior that instantly responds to rapidly changing commercial and hospitality needs.

– Sektor Expandable Frames

Reduce door and window installation times with ready-made frames. Just fit a Sektor Expandable Frame into the opening and the job’s done. There’s no making good afterwards and no need to finish the actual frame. All fixings are hidden from view.