Product Focus Blog Sektor 30

Elegant frameless, single-glazed partitioning.

All Sektor products can be manufactured and made specifically for you with a bespoke design. There is no limit to possibility with your partitioning system being engineered purely for your needs.

Sektor 30 brings light and structure to a space and can be installed rapidly with glass that stretches from wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling, giving you no barriers to productivity.

Sektor 30


Features and Benefits

Sektor 30 is easily customised with glass graphics and door frames to create your inspired space. The joints are nearly invisible creating a seamless and elegant wall of glass. Our partitioning systems can also grow with your business by being dismantled and relocated when change is needed.

Sektor 30 has up to 30 minutes of fire protection and 39db sound reduction.

Performance and Tech

Acoustics Up to 39dB
Fire Protection Up to 30 minutes
Height Up to 3300mm
Weight Up to 37.5kg/m2
Deflection Head +/- 25mm
Blinds & Graphics Yes

*Please note that acoustic results from laboratory tests will differ from actual on-site performance, although they are a useful guide for initial specification purposes.