At Sektor Interiors we have a wide range of ceiling tiles, all with different performances and properties. Sektor Forte is our first ever metal tile range and it comes with a variety of benefits. Metal tiles are perfect for hygiene sensitive environments such as hospitals and schools, due to them being easily wiped down and cleaned.

The Sektor Forte range is made up of three key tiles:

Forte Clip in

Forte Clip in tiles are smooth and flat for a simple finish tile that is ideal for use in kitchens and health care environments as they are easily cleaned. Clip in tiles are quick to mount and dismount offering easy access to the ceiling void.

Forte Lay in  

Forte Lay in tiles offer a flush finish for a simple aesthetic. Lay in tiles are also easy to mount and dismount giving easy access to the ceiling void.

Forte Perforated

With an additional acoustic fleece, Forte Perforated tiles are available to optimise acoustic performance .

Sektor Forte ceiling tiles are the ideal solution for all installation situations – whether it be a new build or a renovation project, integrating seamlessly with Sektor Partitioning for hassle free installation.

Pair any of the Sektor Forte tiles with our brand new range of lighting, Sektor Lumos to create a space that’s bright and clean.

Browse the full range of Sektor Forte products here and request a quote from your local Stockist